Saturday, January 29, 2011

Meatloaf for the freezer

Well, for once, an impulse of mine has continued past the first trial. I am still freezing up a storm! The other day I made a batch of four beef roll-ups, one for dinner and three for the freezer. However, since it is such a tasty dish and an original of my own dearest mothers, I took pictures all along the way so I could show you the whole process. That would take more time than I have yet had, so I am saving that post for another day. Today, I did meatloaf. Instead of just making one batch, I made a double batch of a big recipe, which ended up yielding five loaves. One went to a friend, one went to the Cub Scout potluck tonight, and so three made it to my freezer. And, here they are:

Since the recipe isn't one I will use again, I am not going to bother to post it. However, the idea is a great one, so here is how I did the last bit.
Make your meatloaf. This is an easy one to just make a bigger batch, since there isn't really that much work and making more doesn't double your work. I made a big old batch, and then split it into five pieces. Since my super-dee-dooper vacuum sealer is currently out of bags, I went with good old-fashioned freezer paper, which I need to use up anyway. I put my mound-o-meat on each paper and shaped it into a loaf. Cute, isn't it? Okay, not really.

Repeat with as many loaves as you have.
Then, I wrapped those puppies up, taped them shut, and (the all important step) labeled them with the cooking instructions. Ta Da! Three more meals in the freezer. That brings my total up to ... 13!
When I am ready to cook these babies, I will just pull them out of the freezer in the morning, put them in the fridge to thaw, and bake on a cookie sheet according to the instructions.
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